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NOTICE: The DLP Program is Currently at Capacity. Please email GM Mark V. Wiley if you would like to be placed on the Wait List for 2018 Entry. MVWiley@gmail.com

The American Beng Hong Athletic Association is proud to announce that it now has a comprehensive Distance Learning Program (DLP). This is a curriculum and training method for students and practitioners who wish to learn or continue their study in a location where our branch clubs do not yet exist. This is a robust training system with guidance and direction directly from Beng Hong president, Dr. Mark V. Wiley.

The Distance Learning Program (DLP) presents the exact course of training per level as the regular in-person curriculum. Testing will be required to pass each level in order to move on to the next. No jumping of levels will be permitted, which will allow us to control the transmission of this ancient system in a proper and appropriate way. Here is the basic outline and procedure:

NGK DLP 1 Capture Collage

1) Membership  — Just like our in-person students, all students of the Distance Learning Program (DLP) must register to become a Member of the Association. The Membership Fee is $25 per year. All members receive a PDF Membership Certificate they may print and display, and their name will be listed on the website as an “Active Member”.

2) Learning Materials — The DLP is delivered via Private YouTube Videos and PDF files per Level of Instruction. The Video shows the “Study Program” for a given level, including warm-up, form, line drills, partner training, applications. The PDF explains it in detailed outline with key words.

3) Study & Testing Method — For students who wish to receive Certificates and become Teachers, they can opt for the Tutorial Video/Notes from Dr. Wiley. The student who has purchased the Video/PDF will practice for as long as they feel is necessary, then film themselves doing the curriculum and forward that video to Dr. Wiley, who will then write up personal, detailed correction notes for that student. The student will then practice the corrections and send in a final video to be used as a “test.” If they pass, the Association will award them a Certificate of Level Completion and they can move on to the next DLP Study Program.

4) Teaching Certification — Once (and only after) a Distance Learning Student has consecutively passed the prerequisite requirement levels can they be eligible to test for the 1st Duan Black Sash teacher level. While it is not required that a student test for student ranks in person, anyone wishing to become certified to teach Ngo Cho Kun under the Beng Hong Association must conduct their comprehensive test in front of Dr. Wiley and other Beng Hong teachers. This is basic procedure. This can be done in any month, or at the Annual Gathering.

Summary of Fees:
$25 Annual Association Membership Fee
$100 for Study Materials and Corrections: Private Youtube Videos, PDF, email of Correction Notes per level study materials

1) Please Email Dr. Wiley your wish to join the DLP and include a 1 paragraph training background.
2) Please Remit Funds via PayPal.
This is a free service that is secure. visit http://www.paypal.com and sign up for free.
3) Please Use a Gmail account. Please set one up, it is free. Only with a Gmail can you view the Private YouTube Videos.

Time and Testing:
There is no time limit on when one needs to test for a level.
There is no time limit on how close from purchase of study materials one must purchase tutorials (though it makes sense to do together).
All students wishing to test for Instructor Certification must do so in person.

Program Expulsion:
If any DLP Student acts in a way that is deemed inappropriate or immoral…

If any DLP Student begins teaching the art prior to passing the Instructor Certification Testing…
If any DLP Student Shares their learning materials with others, thus giving away the program without supporting the Association…

The American Beng Hong Association


Email mvwiley@gmail.com with questions

NOTICE: The DLP Program is Currently at Capacity. Please email GM Mark V. Wiley if you would like to be placed on the Wait List for 2015 Entry. MVWiley@gmail.com

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2 Responses to “DISTANCE LEARNING”

  1. James Lee Bertolo December 30, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    Hello & Bless Mr. Si-Gung Wiley*

    I actually forwarded in reference to Ngo Cho Kun, through Sifu Russ Smith & Laoshi Charles Boyett* 6 1/2. Yrs. Ago, Jimmy was in am medically induced coma. I am blessed to be back physically = very content. I trained in Uechi-ryu, most of my younger yrs. Forwarding Li-Family Style Kuen. As well is Gu-lao Village Wing Chun – Sei Sup Dim. I train daily, it is my 3-fold. Learn to as well.

    It would be a blessing to join, your long distance program / Beng Hong Atheletic Association.. As well, is study under Sifu Smith.

    Bless with the Immortals / TAO = Nature.

    James Lee (Liam) Bertolo.
    Jimmy Shakes: Facebook.

  2. Timothy Greene August 7, 2020 at 7:53 am #

    When. Will the dpl lessons be back on.

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