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Learn Benevolence, Learn Righteousness, Learn Hard Work

Respect The Teacher, Respect The Ancestors, Respect the Art

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The International Beng Hong Athletic Association was established in 1998, under the supervision of Grandmaster Alexander Lim Co and the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association (the oldest kung-fu school in the Philippines). It was only the second such permission given by Beng Kiam for the opening of a branch club. The first was given to the late Alnfonzo Ang Hua Kun for his Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Kung-Fu Center. It is our great honor to be a standard bearer for this rare art from Fukian province, China. Ngo Cho Kun (Wu Zu Quan) is now the official martial art taught and practiced at the Shaolin Temple in Quan Zhou, China.

Rules of Conduct

  • Humbly donate to the Kwoon as often as possible.
  • Be prompt for class.
  • Practice courtesy and respect always.
  • Salute when entering and leaving the Kwoon, when greeting Sifu, before and after working with a partner, and when asking a question.
  • Keep your uniform neat and clean.
  • Do not lean against the walls when waiting for class or observing others.
  • There is no eating, gum chewing, or wearing of loose jewelry during class.
  • No student is permitted to teaching anywhere without Sifu’s permission.
  • It is not permitted to ridicule other students, schools or systems of martial arts.
  • Do not practice techniques above your rank.

Member’s Oath

  • I am a proud member of the Beng Hong Athletic Association.
  • I respect my ancestors, masters, seniors and juniors.
  • I respect the sanctity of life, for all life is sacred.
  • I train to perfect my self.
  • I strive to achieve balance and harmony with the universe.
  • I strengthen my hands to lift those who have fallen, no matter how low.
  • I strive to have an open mind and to tolerate diversity.
  • I apply the lessons learned in the training hall to my daily life.
  • I strive to treat every person I meet with decency and respect.
  • I strive always to be aware of what is good and what is right.
  • I strive to use my skills to promote peace and respect for all humankind.
  • Respect, courtesy and patience are my creed.

The 4 Pillars

  • Seek Truth
  • Preserve Dignity
  • Maintain Discipline
  • Pursue Perfection

More Information…

For information on how to Join Beng Hong and study locally or from a distance, please contact: Sifu mark Wiley: – (215) 429-2649.

Beng Hong Association officers

Alexander L. Co – Advising Grandmaster

Alexander Lim CoAlexander Lim Co is the Advising Grandmaster of The American Beng Hong Athletic Association and is a living treasure in the arts of Chinese kung-fu. In fact, no name is more synonymous with Kung-Fu in the Philippines than Alexander Co. He spearheaded the Chin Wu Club in Manila, wrote the first kung-fu book ever published in the Philippines, and published the country’s first martial arts magazine, simply titled Martial Arts Magazine. Grandmaster Co has studied a dozen different kung-fu styles, was an “in-door” disciple of Ngo Cho Kun’s late grandmaster Tan Ka Hong, and has studied Seven Star Praying Mantis and Hung-gar under Grandmaster Shakespeare Chan, Wu style Tai Chi Chuan under the late Master John Hu Chuan Hai, and Hsin-I Liu Ha Pa Fa under Master David Chan.

Co has served as Chairman of the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association and the Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Kung-fu Center and as Vice-chairman of the Hsin-I Society of Internal Arts. In addition to dozens of articles featured in such magazines as Martial Arts Magazine, Rapid Journal, Inside Kung-Fu, Martial Arts Illustrated and Martial Arts Legends, Grandmaster Co has written three books: Secrets of Seven Star Praying Mantis, The Way of Ngo Cho Kun and Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu and translater of The Ngo Cho Bible. He also filmed a series of instructional videos on Ngo Cho Kun and Praying Mantis for Unique Publications Video. His latest project is the first English-language translation of the Chinese Soft Art Complete, the so-called “Ngo Cho Bible,” with editors Mark Wiley and Russ Smith, and The Essence of Ngo Cho Kun with co-author Mark Wiley.

Dr. Mark Wiley – President & Head Master

Dr. Mark V. Wiley is the President and Head Master of The International Beng Hong Athletic Association. A disciple of Grandmaster Alex Co of Ngo Cho Kun, Dr. Mark began his martial arts training 34 years ago. Since his first day on the path he has been deeply involved in all aspects of the arts, from training and teaching to researching and writing to marketing and publishing. He is passionate about the history and culture of Chinese and Filipino martial arts.

Since 1994, Dr. Mark has been conducting extensive training and research on location in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. During that time he lived in Tokyo and made an impressive 15 visits to the Philippines. He holds a Masters Degree in Health Care Management and Doctorates in both Oriental Medicine and Alternative Medicine, wherein his understanding of the human mind, body and energy systems has deepened his understanding and application of the martial arts. Dr. Mark has authored 12 books and over 500 articles on martial arts and natural health and has been nominated to seven martial arts Halls of Fame.

Russ L. Smith – Chairman & Archivist

Russ Louhan Crop

Russ L. Smith is the Chairman and Archivist of The International Beng Hong Athletic Association. Russ began his martial arts training nearly 30 years ago. Since that time, he has traveled across the United States and to Okinawa, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, expanding his understanding of the martial arts; especially,  Goju-ryu Karate, Matayoshi Kobudo, Integrated Eskrima, Fujian White Crane, Pak Mei and Five Ancestor Boxing. Russ holds instructor-level grades in several of these arts and is a proud member and instructor of Beng Hong Ngo Cho Kun. He is also author of the book Principle-Driven Skill Development in Traditional Martial Arts.

Keith Boggess – Vice-Chairman & Legal Counsel

Keith Lohan

Keith E. Boggess is the Vice-Chairman and legal Counsel of  International Beng Hong Athletic Association. He is a practicing attorney in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he runs his own law office focusing on family law and small business law. During his youth, Keith studied several traditional arts such as karate and taijiquan.  He also has studied Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu for over two years in Fukuoka, Japan. Keith shifted his focus to traditional Chinese martial arts in the mid-1990s. 

Keith studied Xing Yi Quan and other traditional Chinese martial arts under Lin Jian Hua of Xiamen University on the southern coast of Fujian Province. He was also introduced to Five Ancestor Fist in 1996 during one of his visits to Xiamen. Mr. Xu Jing Ming (now deceased) and his student Wu Rong Fu taught him three forms of Five Ancestor White Crane Fist. Since 2006, Keith has continued his study of Five Ancestor Fist under Dr. Mark Wiley, whose unselfish approach to teaching, an approach he takes with all of his students, has taken Keith to another level, and Keith has been able to sharpen his other arts with those principles. Due to his demanding law practice and family life, Keith currently limits his training to Five Ancestor Fist and Xing Yi Quan.

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