Sifu Russ Smith – Burinkan – Introduction to Fujian Five Ancestor Boxing

Sifu Russ Smith demonstrated roads from many different forms. 

Sifu Kiko Capinpin demonstrating Song Sui Kun. 

Sifu Mark Wiley demonstrating Modified Song Sui Kun – Double Banner Fist at Chinese New Year banquet in Philly Chinatown 2018.

Sifu Russ Smith (Dade City, FL) Teaching Fundamental Hand Combinations

Sifu Mark Wiley – Beng Hong HQ Demo

Sifu Mark Wiley demonstrating “Cheng Hong Wat” at 2017 Multi-Cultural Event. 

Sigong Alex Co – Ngo Cho Theory and Application

Sigong Alex Co Double Whip (Sai) Form (雙鞭) at Beng Kiam 1980s

Sifu Christpher Ricketts Demonstrating Cho Be Se Mun “Walking the Four Corners” at Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Club Anniversary. 

Sifu Mark Wiley – “Kwi Seng Chiu” Form Demo at UFOMA Chinese New Year Banquet 2015

Sifu Bonifacio Lim Demonstrating Cam To Tim Tao “Three Times Hitting the Stomach” at Beng Kiam 50th Anniversary in 1980s.

Sifu Mark Wiley – “Tui Chong” Form Demo at 2014 Eastern Canada Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

Sifu Mark Wiley – Composite Form Demo at UFOMA Chinese New Year Banquet 2014

Stone Lock (Chio So) Practice at beng Kiam Athletic Club (Manila)

Sigong Tan Ka Hong – Performing “Sam Chien Sip Li” – Three Battles Cross Pattern

Lion Dance vs. Weapons – Beng Kiam Athletic Assoc. 1950s

Sigong Alex Co – Performing “Swi Hwa Chien” – Elegant Crane Battle

Sigong Alex Co & Sifu Mark Wiley – “Sang Sau Kun” 2-Man Form

Sigong Alex Co & Sifu Mark Wiley – Applications from “Sang Sau Kun”

Sifu Russ Smith – Demonstrating the “Sang Te Pi” Double Shirt Whips

Sigong Benito Tan and Sifu Willy Keh Demonstration (2006)

Sifu Russ Smith – Demonstrating Ngo Cho Kun Form Sequences (2006)

James Chua Demonstrating Cheng Hong Wat (2006)

Group Demonstration of “Se Mun Kwa Sau” at Beng Kiam 71st Anniversary Celebration (2006)

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