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Sifu Dr. Mark Wiley Appointed Vice-President of SOBBA

August 20, 2022 – Sifu Mark Wil


Kung-Fu Sifu Raise Money for NY Chinatown School and Neighborhood Watch

October 15 & 16, 2021 – Sifu Take Wah End, Mark Wiley and Marjorie Chun hosted the MADE IN CHINATOWN ART AUCTION to raise money for books for the Chinese school and support for TH!NK CHINATWON and the Chinatown Neighborhood Watch. The event was supported by Chinatown “Mayor” Justin Yu and Mr. Leung who donated use of his Art Gallery at 63 Mott Street, and Pamela Lee of Lantern Lab. 



Yum Cha with Sifus Tak Wah Eng and Henry Moy

August 20, 2021 – Sifu Mark Wiley enjoying a day in NY Chinatown with Sifu Tak Wah Eng (Fu Jow Pai), Sifu Henry Moy (Ving Tsun), and Feng Shui master .


Museum of the Moving Image

August 19, 2021 – Sifu Warrington Hudlin, curator of the “Sword and Fist” at the Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) in Astoria, NY,  Sifu Mark Wiley’s film “Made in Chinatown,” courtesy of Vision Films, Inc. In attendance: Mark Wiley Tony Darrow, Paul Borghese, Theresa Moriarty, Tak Wah Eng, Karen Lee, Fenton Li.

Sifu Mark Wiley is Honored with Gold Achievement Award

July 24, 20921 – Sifu Mark Wiley was honored to receive the Gold Achievement From the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society, for 40+ years dedication to the martial arts training, research, writing, and promotion. 


Sifu Chiu Chi Ling Visits Sifu Mark Wiley 
Yum Cha in Philadelphia Chinatown

June 15, 2021 – Sifu Chiu Chi Ling, actor in such films as Kung-Fu Hustle, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, and Made in Chinatown, came to Philadelphia Chinatown to meet with Sifu Mark. They enjoyed Dim Sum with fellow Sifu’s Lau Wai Keung (Long Ying), Paul Sun (Tang Lang) and Bobby Samuels (Hung Ga),

“Made in Chinatown Movie Day”

June 12, 2021 – Sifu Mark Wiley’s film, “Made in Chinatown” was honored with its own “DAY” of celebration in New York Chinatown. The Day was hosted by the A&C Culture Center and supported by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association with a lion dance and kung-fu demonstrations on Mott Street by Sifu Paula Wong, Sifu Mark Wiley, Sifu Carl Albright, Sifu Paul Sun, Sifu Peter Ngai, Sifu Tak Wah Eng, a press conference and celebrity guests: Tony Darrow (Good Fellas), Shuya Chang (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2), Paul Borghese (The Irishman), Tony Ray Rossi (Analyze This), Geoff Lee (Revenge of the Green Dragons), Shing Ka (The Manchurian Candidate), Fenton Li (Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens), Tak Wah Eng (Revenge of the Green Dragons) Timothy Chivalette (Glass), Emmanuel Brown (Gotham). Made in Chinatown features Hong Kong kung-fu legends Lo Meng and Chiu Chi Ling, as well as newcomer Jay Kwon in the lead role and all of the above-named actors. Watch it now on Amazon.

Sifu Mark Wiley Appointed Head of
Shen Wu (Jing Wu) Association — Philadelphia Chapter

May 25, 2021 – Sifu Mark Wiley is appointed as Philadelphia Chapter Head of the Shen Wu (Jing Wu) Athletic Association. He is presented here with a certificate for promoting traditional kung-fu, and is presenting NY Chapter head Sifu Danny Leung with a Beng Hong friendship flag. SIfu Mark also received a certificate of appreciation from Sifu Tak Wah Eng Fu Jow Pai.

纽约精武体育總会送感謝状给费城精武会会长Mark Wiley ,弘扬传统武術,精武海外之光!

Sifu Mark Wiley Visits A&C Culture Center in NY Chinatown, is Presented with Original Scrolls

May 25, 2021 – Sifu Mark Wiley was invited to the A&C Culture Center in Manhattan Chinatown to meet with Chairman Leung about publishing a Chinese art book in English. Chairman then presented Mark with several original painted calligraphy scrolls in his honor. 


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Sifu Norman Chin Visits Beng Hong Kwoon
Shares Kwangsai Jook Lum Tang Lang Pai

August 17, 2019 – Sifu Norman Chin taught a 4-hour workshop on Kwangsai Jook Lum Tang Lang Pai, South Mantis Boxing, at Beng Hong. Sifu Chin studied under Grandmaster Lum Sang from 1961 through 1967, when Grandmaster Lam retired to TaiwanMaster Chin Ho Doon was the designated disciple to continue the lineage.  In 1969, Master Chin Ho Doon accepted Master Norman Chin as his disciple and chief instructor at the Chinese Free Masons Athletic Club.  Master Norman Chin opened his first school at 250 Fifth Avenue in 1972 with encouragement from his friend Bruce Lee. Grandmaster Lam returned to the United States to live in 1981 and furthered Master Norman Chin’s studies in Jook Lum Tong Long.

Varied Masters Visit Beng Hong

August 02, 2019 – Master teachers, Paul Sun (Tang Lang, Bei Shaolin), Steven Salkoff (Tai Chi, Tang Soo Do), and Erich DeHaven (Tai Chi, Iado) invited Dr. Mark Wiley to lunch at Pho Viet 309 and after visited Beng Hong Kwoon (Alex Co Memorial Gym) for brotherhood and exchange. 

Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society
Mega Expo, Hall of Fame & Banquet

July 19, 2019 – On behalf of the Beng Hong Athletic Assoc. Sifu Mark Wiley presented friendship flags to several respected master teachers at the 2019 Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame. Including to Sensei Ernest Sumpter (Uechi Ryu), Sifu Steven Chan (Pak Mei, Hsing I), and Sifu Tom Lugo (Choy Li Fut). Additionally, Sifu Mark nominated four masters for induction in the HOF: Sifu Waikeung Lau (Lung Ying, Dit Da), Sifu Peter Ngai (Pak Mei), Sifu Steven Chan (Pak Mei, Hsing-I), Sabumnim Bob Clark (Sambo, Hapkido).


Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA)
Induction Ceremony, Seminars & Banquet

MAY 04, 2019 – The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA), in association with the International Beng Hong Athletic Association, held an amazing day of inspiring cross-system training, lunch, SOBBA induction ceremony, and Banquet Dinner with Masters Demonstrations at the luxurious Lai Lai Garden Chinese Banquet Hall in Blue Bell, PA. 

Sifu Chiu Chi Ling Visits Beng Hong Kwoon

April 05, 3019 Chiu Chi Ling, legend of such Kung-Fu Films as “Kung-Fu Hustle,” “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow,” and “Made in Chinatown” visits Beng Hong Kwoon.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with
Chinese Freemasons – Philadelphia Lodge

February 21, 2019 – At Ocean Harbor restaurant in Philly Chinatown, as guest of Chairman Waikeung Lau. Special visit by China Ambassador 邱艦. Notable attendees included Kai Ye, Karlin Chan of Hung Ching NYC (Sifu of Jook Lum Gee), Sifu Peter Ngai of Pak Mei NYC, Mable Chan, Lilly Song Feihung, my wife Kellie Bach, among so many more. Gong Hei Faat Choy!

Celebrating ‘Year of the Pig’ with United Fellowship of Martial Artists Int’l (UFOMAI) in Philly, Chinatown

February 02, 2019 – Dr. Mark Wiley with disciples Brian Szente and Sean Carnahan, and special guests Sifu Waikeung Lau and Bob Clark, celebrated Chinese New Year for the final time at Joy Tsin Lau restaurant in Philadelphia, Chinatown. Along with hosts Sifu John Lee, Dr. Christopher Viggiano and matron Mable Chi Chan.

Dit Da and Lung Ying Sifu Lau Wai Keung

has been treating Sifu Mark Wiley and Kellie Bach for blocked channels and nerve pain with Gua Sha scraping and herbal wraps. Sifu Mark presented Lau Sifu with a Beng Hong friendship banner, which hangs in his Herbal Emporium in Philadelphia Chinatown. If you have acute or chronic issue, call for appointment. 

Pak Mei Sifu Peter Ngai visits Beng Hong Kwoon, teaches Sifu Mark Wiley Pak Mei’s Jik Bo, and receives Beng Hong friendship flag. 

Shaw Brothers Movie Legend LO MENG
Visits Beng Hong / Alex Co Memorial Gym.
Appears in “Made in Chinatown” Movie.

Kung-Fu Sifu Join Cast of Mark Wiley’s
“Made in Chinatown” Movie

Made in Chinatown” is a movie written and produced by Mark Wiley based on an idea he had in 1999 about cross cultural collisions in the USA. It is the first ever Mafia / Kung-Fu Action Comedy, and stars kung-fu film legends Lo Meng, Chiu Chi Ling, James Lew and features Sifus Tak Wah Eng, Peter Ngai, Steve Chan, Shing Ka, Paul Koh, Greg Lee, Ian Chow, with support from Sifu Cheung Shu Pui and Wai Hung. 

Beng Hong Hosts Kung-Fu & Karate Masters for Knowledge Exchange

Sifus Paul Sun, Jamaal El, Jitsumi Gene, Khalid Newton.

Sifu Mark Wiley and Tambuli Media at
2018 Karate/Kung-Fu Expoin Atlantic City, NJ


Beng Hong Presents Association Flags to Respected NY Chinatown Sifu

March 06, 2018 Beng Hong president Dr. Mark Wiley traveled to New York City to have Dim Sum with respected kung-fu Sifu and present out 20th Anniversary friendship flags to GM Eng Wai Hung, Sifu Tak Wah Eng, and Sifu Paul Koh of Fu Jow Pai, and to Sifu Norman Chin of Kwang Sai Jook Lum South Mantis. 

2018 UFOMA Chinese New Year Celebration

Beng Hong represented at 2018 UFOMA Int’l Chinese New Year Banquet on Feb. 24 at Joy Tson Lau restaurant in Philly Chinatown! We were able to present our new 20th Anniversary flags to respected Sifu, Sensei and masters. Respect to all. And big heartfelt thank you to Dr. John lee, Dr. Chris Viggiano and GM Bob Martin, also to Sifu LiangYong Xin, Kancho Khalid Newton, Sifu Jamaal Rashad El, Kancho Jitsumi Nagashi Arashiro, Sabumnim Bob Clarke, GM Phil Matedne, GM Alan Cheung, GM Art Eng, Dr. Luke Jih, Kellie Bach, and many others.  

Beng Hong’s New Banners and Flags

We are so pleased with the amazing work of Rio Lion Dance INstruments and Design of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for their wonderful work on Beng Hong’s new School Banners, Friendship Flags and Rank Sash Belts. Thank you Sifu Huynh Gia Buu, Sifu Ray Petersen and the team at Rio!

Action Martial Arts Mega Show
Atlantic City, NJ (2018)

Mark Wiley and Tambuli Media participated as vendor and Sifu at the 18th Action Martial Arts Showcase. Host Allan Goldberg did it again with many special guests and plenty of visiting teachers and friends. 

Dr. Mark Wiley Honored at
“Legacy of Dr. Moses Powell” Event

On January 13, 2018 in Philadelphia, members of the Sanuces Ryu Family and friends gathered in loving and martial memory of the late Dr. Moses Powell. Powell, a student of the late Prof. Florendo Visitacion, was a pioneer in American martial arts and his legacy has spread around the world. On this day, Grandmaster Sayfullah Al-Amriykiy hosted an amazing day of seminars and banquet with demonstrations and awards. Dr. Mark Wiley received the first honor of the evening, with presentation as “Holistic Healer and Martial Art Historian.”

Urban Action Showcase, Times Square, NY

Great time at the Urban Action Showcase in New York City. Met up with great many friends and masters and actors. Especially great to meet and befriend the legend, Lu Feng (Luther Chu) of the Shaw Bros. Venom Mob, and view the premier of the film JUN, directed by Bobby Samuels and co-produced by Tambuli Media. Also with Vincent Lyn, Ric Meyers, Carl Albright, Bobby Taboada, Kenny Chin.

SOBBA Seminars & Induction Banquet

The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA) held its major annual seminar, induction and banquet in Orlando, FL on October 07. 2017. SOBBA was founded in 1964 by Soke Robert L. Murphy, and became the first multi-style martial arts association in the USA. The Association is devoted to the betterment of all the martial arts in the US and to the establishment and maintenance of professional standards int he arts and historical documentation (among many more things). SOBBA is today headed by Dr. Christopher M. Viggiano and Kyoshi Steve Lundquist; Dr. Mark Wiley is a Senior Adviser, as is dr. Juan Otero, the event coordinator. The event inducted 3 new Advisory Members and 14 new SOBBA inductees, including Russ L, Smith (a Beng Hong teacher in Dade City, FL). Seminars were taught by GM Vincent Marchetti, Hanshi Kevin McGrath, Dr. James Horne, GM Paka Kahn, Dr. Mark Wiley, Dr. Chris Viggiano, Dr. Juan Otero, GM Bob Martin, GM James Webster, MG Louelle Lledo, MG Andy Sanano and Dr. Padre Daniel Medina.

Beng Hong Welcomes Sifu Francisco Rivera

Sifu Francisco Rivera paid a visit to Beng Hong to share memories and training with Sifu Mark Wiley. Sifu Rivera was a Hung-ga student of Sifu Shakespeare Chan at the Chin Wu Athletic Club in Manila, Philippines in the 1970s. Chin Wu’s chairman was Sifu Alex Co. Always great to meet up with old friends and brothers from the same kung-fu family. 

Beng Hong Welcomes Sifu Rene Navarro

It was wonderful to have a long visit recently from GM Rene Navarro, who will turns 77 in October! He is a disciple, among many other arts, of traditional Yang family Tai Chi under Sigong Gin Soon Chu. Sifu Wiley began the first section of the form with him, and learned a new qigong set. Sifu Rene is also an Arnis master, acupuncturist, qigong master and much more, especially a loving and kind-hearted man. 

Beng Hong Hosts Kung-Fu Exchange

On September 05, 2017 Beng Hong hosted an impromptu exchange of the body structure and power source of Ngo Cho with Sifu Gregory Tan of Beng Sing line visiting from Toronto. Then a presentation of the application theory of Lung Ying dragon boxing by Sifu Liang Yong Xin. We were later joined by Tai Chi Sifu Dr. Luke Jih. Friendship in the arts is a powerful way to create bridges and harmony among people.

Back in Print!
Alex Co’s Classic Book on Ngo Cho Kun

Out of print for nearly 35 years, this is the first reprint of Alex Co’s classic book on the art of the Ngo Cho Kun (Five Ancestors Fist), depicting its early history, development, and its embodying principles and techniques like the basic fist set “Sam Chien” (Three Battles) the advanced form “In Tin Tat” (Entwining Kick), and a complete listing of all Ngo Cho Kun solo empty-hand forms.

This book offers more than 200 photographs and illustrations and aims to bring the more than 150 years of Ngo Cho tradition within your reach. It was written in both English and Chinese, lending ample touch to its authenticity, and so as to reach a wider range of kung-fu aficionados.

More information: of Ngo Cho Cover

New Translation of Opus on Taizuquan, Emperor Fist of Ngo Co Kun

Tambuli Media has released the only English language edition of Quanzhou mayor and Taizu / Ngo Cho master Zhou Kun Min’s very detailed and informative opus on Grand Ancestor Fist or Emperor Fist, the core art of Ngo Cho Kun. The book was translated by Simon T. Lailey and Carole Lyngarde-Layne with full permission of the Mayor and the South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, China. They released a newspaper article in praise of the effort and event.

More information: 

Sifu Bonifacio Lim Visits Beng Hong

Sifu Mark Wiley welcomed a great visit from his old friend and Sibak, Bonifacio Lim. Lim was a classmate of the late Sifu Alex Co at the Beng Kiam Athletic Club in Binondo, Philippines. On this day, Sifu Lim shared his revised Gim form with Sifu Mark.

Senior Karateka Visit Beng Hong in Search of Karate Roots

Senior Karateke of the Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA) visited Beng Hong on several occasion to research the potential origins of their Okinawan arts of Goju-ryu, Isshin-ryu, and Shorin-ryu. Among them are Dr. Christopher Viggiano (SOBBA president), Hanshi Morgan Woods, Dr. Juan Otero, Shihan Anthony Palitto, Shihan Steven Lundquist, and Grandmaster Bob Martin. 

Dr. Wiley Receives Proclamation from
International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Association
for Efforts in Promoting Five Ancestor Fist.

Proclemation (sm)

Liang Sifu Presents Hand Painted Scrolls

Lung Ying Dragon Sifu Liang Yong Xin hand-painted special calligraphy for Sifu Mark Wiley in honor of his event and efforts to preserve his kung-fu family.

1st Western Ngo Cho Conference a Huge Success!

Wuzu Conference Banner

For the first time, the masters of various lines of Five Ancestor Fist came together in unity for the First Western Conference and Banquet. Over 80 participants came out to learn from the sifus Daniel Kun, Kam Lee, Bonifacio Lim, Gregory Tan, Jeff Yang, and Mark Wiley of the following lineages: 1. Tai Cho NCK, 2. Ho Yang Pai NCK, 3. Yong Chun NCK, 4. Bai Yu Feng NCK. Guest masters included Sifus SL Martin (Taiwan White Crane), Liang Yong Xin (Lung Ying dragon Boxing), Sharif Anael-Bey (Hung Ga), Luk Jih (Tai Chi), Rene Navarro (Tai Chi and Arnis), Louelle Lledo (Arnis), Ian Chow (Toisan Choy Lay Fut), Robin Young (Hung Kuen), Arnaldo Ty Nunez (Hung kuen), John Lee (Fujian Crane), Bryan Schultz (Feeding Crane), Dr. Juan Otero (Goshin Goju), Hanshi Morgan Woods (Isshin Ryu), Shihan Alan Shen Cheung (Shorin Ryu), and Dr. Christopher Viggiano (Isshin Shorin Ryu). The Society of Black Belts of America (SOBBA) also presented the Ngo Cho Sifu with induction into the society. Tambuli Media was co-sponsor. 

Sifu Wiley Pays respects to Sifu Cheung Shu Pui

Sifu Mark Wiley paid a visit of respect to Philadelphia Chinatown’s kung-fu patriarch, Cheung Shu Pui. Cheung Sifu is disciple of Sigong Ho Lap Tin of Tang Fong family of Hung-ga. 


Dr. Luke Jih Visits Beng Hong for Collaboration

Dr. Luke Chang-Shin Jih has paid several visits to Beng Hong to work with Dr. Mark Wiley on health and wellness programs that include movements and practices from Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung-fu. Dr. Luke is a professor of Chinese Studies and Tai Chi Sifu. 


Dr. Mark Wiley at Karate/Kung-Fu Expo 11

Dr. Mark Wiley attended the 11th annual Karate/Kung-Fu Expo in Atlantic City, NJ. He had a vendor booth featuring Tambuli Media books and videos, and demonstrated a Ngo Cho Kun form and Eskrima techniques, filmed as part of the movie “The Martialist.” 


Chinese New Year / Multi-Cultural Event
and Banquet at Lai Lai Garden

Dr. Mark Wiley was honored to support the 2017 Chinese New year and Mult-Cultural event at Lai Lai Garden in Blue Bell, PA. Hosted by Professor Luke Jih (Chang Shin), the event included classes on self-defense, Tai Chi, Chinese music, Buddhist meditation, Indian Bollywood dancing and Baquazhang. Companies like Tambuli Media and Go Holistic had booths promoting their goods. Demonstrations were carried out throughout the 10 course banquet dinner by masters of many styles: Qin Qian (Chinese violin trio), Arati Gupta (Bollywood Dancing), Sifu Louis Diaz (Chen Tai Chi), Sifu Tom Lugo (Insi-rocl and Choy Li Fut), Sifu Norman Smith (3 styles of Tao Chi), Dr. Chris Viggiano and Sensei Bob Martin (Shen Wu Dao arts), Sifu Howard Peck (Yang Tai Chi), Sifu John Chen (Bajiquan), Dr. Mark Wiley (Ngo Cho Kun), Sensei Eliza Greene (Wushu), Sensei Alan Shen Cheung (Okinawan Karate), Sifu Cluyde Beury (Yang Tai Chi), and Joseph Dougherty (riverboat banjo). 


In honor of my late sifu, Alex Co, Dr. Wiley performed Ngo Cho’s rare form “Cheng Hong Wat.” Co Sifu won a gold medal in China with this form in 1991. I did it no justice, but in his memory.

Disciple Class Now Open

Since the passing of Sigong Alex Co and the building of the new Alex Co Memorial Gym, Dr. Wiley is now ready to open a semi-private weekly class for up to 8 dedicated people. The classes are aimed at working toward full transmission of the art, through its stages of learning, by imparting deep, drill-down information on forms, techniques, training methods, applications, strategies, principles and concepts of this rare Fukien art of Ngo Cho Kun Five Ancestor Fist Kung-fu. If you are serious about training and taking time to learn and develop in the traditional manner, you are invited to email Dr. Wiley and request entrance into this Disciple Class. Class is held Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:15, in Lansdale, PA. All interested people who are also dedicated in their time and effort are invited to reach out and one day also perhaps carry on this rich tradition of Ngo Cho Kun. Please contact:


2017 Chinese New Year Celebration
“Year of the Rooster”

Beng Hong was proud to represent at the 2017 ITG/UFOMA International Chinese New Year Banquet, held at Joy Tsin Lau in Philadelphia Chinatown. We had a great time with hosts, Dr. John Lee and Dr. Chris Viggiano. Sifu Wiley had Kellie Bach by his side and friend Arnaldo Ty Núñez and his lady Leslie with them, too. Sifu Wiley performed “Cheng Hong Wat” (Cool Breeze Method) form in honor of the late Sigong Alexander L. Co (who won gold medal in China in 1990s with the same form). 


Now Open: The Alex Co Memorial Gym

After almost a year of space conversion, set up and mourning the passing of Sigong Alex Co, Dr. Wiley has opened the Alex Co Memorial Gym, which houses the International Beng Hong Athletic Association and Integrated Eskrima International. Currently, only Disciple Classes are open on Tuesday evenings for both arts. This means, no general class is yet available for less-than-dedicated practitioners. If you have a desire for full transmission of the arts, taught and trained with detail and patience, you are welcome to email Dr. Wiley for entry into class. As time goes a regular class may also be added, but this is not yet the focus of the Training Hall.



Hall of Fame Induction – July 06, 2016
Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society

Thank you Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society for inducting me into the Hall of Fame class of 2016. I am grateful to all who came before me, taught and mentored me, and came up in the arts along side me. We are all brothers and followers on the path of self-discovery. Special thank you to Dr. Chris Viggiano for nominating me; masters John Crudup and Paul Cheng for hosting; MG Louelle Lledo, Marlon Hudak, Dr. Juan Otero, GM Bob Martin for joining me; and to my love, Kellie Bach, for her endless support. I am honored and humbled to be among so many great people at this event.


Toronto Kung-Fu Visit

Sifu Mark Wiley and partner Kellie traveled to Toronto (06.23.16), to visit Hung-ga Sifu Jojo Michael. Also to visit Hong Luck, the oldest kung-fu school in Toronto (founded 1961), and Northern Legs Southern Fist Kung-fu and Lion Dance Association, headed up by Sigong Mo Chow and Sifu Ian Chow. A jaunt to Niagara Falls with Jojo and partner Cynthia, and good food at House of Gourmet and Rol San in Chinatown, helped round off the amazing trip. 


New York Kung-Fu Visit

Sifu Mark Wiley traveled to Chinatown, NY, to visit Sifu Tak Wah Eng to discuss working on a number of book, video and film projects. Sifu Tak Wah is such a gracious host, sharing stories and giving a personal tour of Chinatown. Also met up with Tambuli Media editor Arnaldo Ty Nunez and ESPY-TV producer William Hohauser, to discuss additional video and book projects for Tambuli Media.


1 Year Anniversary of Dr. Lee’s Tea House

On April 17, 2016 we helped celebrate the one year anniversary of Dr. John Lee’s Tea House and ITG martial arts supply shop in Riverside, NJ. we all enjoyed BBQ, weapons, playing kung-fu, chatting and matt cutting. Congrats, Dr. Lee!


We Mourn the Passing of Sifu Alex Co
(June 12, 1953 – April 12, 2016)

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of our mentor, dear friend, and Ngo Cho master, Sifu Alex Co. He passed at 10:34 PM Manila time, April 12, 2016. His kind and loving heart and openness in sharing his passion for all martial arts with all people was unmatched. He is one of the legends of the Philippines’ martial arts masters, who brought all together from every discipline. A voracious collector of martial arts books, his collection is in a league of its own.

His passion for the arts included all arts from all countries, but his mastery shown in Ngo Cho Kun, which he learned from the late Sigong Tan Ka Hong, and Seven Star Praying Mantis, which he learned from Sigong Shakespeare Chan. He was also a proponent of Wu style Tai Chi, under the late Sigong John Hu Tuan Hai, and Hsin-I Liu Ha Ba Fa, under the late Sigong David Chan. 

Co Sifu suffered much these past years with heart troubles, kidney failure, diabetes, digital amputation… But his drive to keep documenting and spreading the arts he loved was unstoppable. Please let us keep the memories and teachings of our guiding light and mentor, Alexander Lim Co, in our hearts forever.  –Mark Wiley, his humble disciple.

Sifu Alex Smiling 2013

Rest in Peace, Master Co

UFOMA Int’l 2016 Chinese New Year Banquet “Year of the Monkey”

Beng Hong is honored to again be part of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists International’s Chinese New Year Banquet held at Joy Tsin Lau in Philadelphia Chinatown (Feb 13, 2016). Dr. Mark Wiley performed a version of Ngo Cho’s Tui Chong (Pursuing Fist) and loved watching demonstrations by other students and masters. Thank you Dr. John Lee for hosting this terrific event and bringing us all together in fellowship. 

“Handlocks of Ngo Cho Kun” published in the
Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Kung-Fu Tai Chi magazine

The article is on a rarely seen segment of Ngo Cho and was written
by Sigong Alex Co and Dr. Mark Wiley and Russ Smith.


Old article by Sigong Tan Ka Hong in the 1930s,

published on the KugnfuTaichi Magazine Forum.

Tan Ka Hong

Tan Ka Hong


They say, “it’s better to be lucky than good”, and I have to agree. Through many serendipitous events, I’ve had the opportunity to train with many people I thought I would only ever read about in books.

Sifu Mark Wiley is one of those people that I have been fortunate enough to meet, befriend, and train under for soon-to-be a decade. We first met, face-to-face, primarily to satisfy my urge to learn more about the Beng Kiam lineage of Five Ancestor Kung Fu that Sifu Wiley learned directly from Master Alex Co. I was beyond impressed at his level of both skill and knowledge in the art, and pursued learning as much as I could under his guidance.

Continuing to train with him at his home in PA, my home in FL, or with him visiting Master Co in the Philippines, I have enjoyed learning the richness of this Fukien style of kung-fu.

While I certainly have never pursued my studies in kung fu for the purpose of obtaining paper certificates, I am very proud to be one of very few non-Chinese ever accepted into the Beng Kiam and a Beng Hong (the Beng Kiam International Organization) Association Officer, and therefore delighted to receive certificates indicating so. I am very proud to have assisted Sifu Wiley and Master Co in the recent translation of a key book on the art, and yet reminded of Master Co’s unfortunate and dangerous health situation. Please, if you can, share the GoFundMe to assist with Master Co’s heart bypass surgery.  –Russ L. Smith


Please help support our fundraising for Sigong Alex Co

to have Heart Bypass so he will be strong enough to them have Kidney Transplant.
Time is running out. Thank you! 


Visit to Manila HQ August 25, 2015 to see Sigong Alex Co and Benito Tan.

His role as President of the International Beng Hong Association was reaffirmed, and certificates were signed for Russ Smith (3 duan,  Florida ep), Peter Schofield (3 duan, Australia rep), Kiko Capinpin (3 duan, Maryland rep), Keith Boggess (3 duan). Additional training with Sigong Tan was done in spear, broadsword and Ng Cho hand application. A wonderful time.


Chinatown, NYC Visit to Meet with Tambuli Media Authors.

With Sifus Tak Wah Eng, Carl Albright, Arnaldo Ty Nunez, Chip Ma and Dr. Lee. 


Article on “Fukien Five Ancestor Fist” by Sifu Alex Co and Dr. Mark Wiley published in Malaysia’s Seni Beladiri magazine.   


Independence Day Parade – Dragon Dance

July 04, 2015 – We had a great time participating in the Dragon Dance as part of the Philadelphia July 4th Parade! Thank you Dr. John Lee and Art Eng for inviting us to join your group. Thank you to all the fellow participants who photos I “borrowed” to fill out this album!


Dr. Mark Wiley Awarded “Publisher of the Year – Tambuli Media”
UFOMA Hall of Fame Banquet, Philly Chinatown – May 9, 2015. 

Thank you Dr. John Hsi Lee, Dr. Chris Viggianno and MG Louelle Lledo for this honor. 


Dr. Mark Wiley contributes to new 2-Volume Anthology Indo-Malay Martial Traditions

There seems to be more martial art styles in Southeast Asia than the number of islands in the region. Many arts are kept private, taught in secluded areas away from the public. These are arts of the older tradition, developed when combative knowledge was valued for its use in protecting the sanctity of life. This first of a two-volume anthology brings together a great collection of writings by authors who dive into the deepest realms of Indo-Malay combatives. They offer readers a rare viewing of martial traditions that is usually hidden behind social shrouds of secrecy and a clannish quest to preserve individual tradition. For more information click here

Two Wonderful visits from Sifu Ian Mo Chow and students from Toronto’s “Northern Legs, Southern Fist” Club


Dr. Mark Wiley and Tambuli Media Mentioned in
Malaysian magazine, Seni Beladiri.

Click here for more information on this interesting publication.


United Fellowship of Martial Artists (UFOMA)
Chinese New Year Banquet – 2015


New Article by Sifu Alex Co & Dr. Mark Wiley
Featured in “The Dragon’s Way Journal” (Issue 1)


DLP Students visit from Canada and USA 

Private Training with Dr. Mark Wiley:
Sifu Jason Ward, Steve Reichard, Karl Marks


English Translation of 1917 book!

Ngo Cho Bible

In Chinese Gentle Art Complete, Alexander Lim Co pours scholarship and more than 50 years’ experience in Ngo Cho into the first-ever illustrated publication, and English-language translation, of this historical book on Fukien Five Ancestor Boxing.

Long held as the “Bible of Ngo Cho Kun,” this treatise on Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu has been a treasured keepsake among lineage holders of the style. Originally published in China 1917 by Yu Chiok Sam, one of the “Ngo Cho Ten Tigers,” or leading disciples of the art’s founder Chua Giok Beng, the book saw only a limited print run. It has been out of print for over 90 years!

This special Tambuli Media edition presents all of the original Chinese text in 244 pages, along with a new Foreword, Prefaces, an Appendix and precise English translation illustrated with over 725 clear photographs demonstrating techniques and training methods. Contents include:

• Single Short-Hand and Long-Hand Techniques
• Double Short-Hand and Long-Hand Techniques
• Kneeling and Evading Techniques
• Nine-Section Brocades
• Nine-Rotary Methods
• 18 Scholars Methods
• Solo and Partner Fighting Drills
• 38 Solo Empty-Hand Forms
• Six Weapon Art Categories

“I congratulate Sifu Alex Co for translating this rare and important book whose historical significance cannot be overstated. All practitioners of Ngo Cho should have this at their side!”   —Grandmaster Benito Tan, The Beng Kiam Athletic Association


The 2014 Eastern Canada
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tournament


April 26-28 I was in Montreal, Canada, supporting Shifu Lorne Bernard’s 2nd annual Eastern Chinese Martial Arts Tournament. 13 of us participated in a Masters Demonstrations (I performed Ngo Cho Kun’s “Tui Chong” (Pursuring Fist form). The day after the tournament I taught a seminar on Integrated Eskrima knife, sword and stick defenses, and Robert Cory Del Medico taught nei kung Nei Kung and Qi Gong. Had a great time also visiting Jojo Michael and Ian Mo Chow in Toronto Chinatown.

United Fellowship of Martial Artists (UFOMA)
Chinese New Year Banquet – 2014


Dr. Mark Wiley was honored to have been invited to the 2014 “Year of the Horse” Chinese New Year banquet of the United Fellowship of Martial Artists (UFOMA). Dr. Mark was invited as a special guest of Mataw Guro Louelle Lledo of Amara Arkanis Arnis, and gave an impromptu demonstration of Ngo Cho Kun, combining sections of three forms: Ho Chien Wat, Se Mun Kaw Sau, Pieng Ma Chien. The event was hosted by Dr. John Lee, who also celebrated his birthday on the auspicious occasion. In attendance were UFOMA masters of different arts, including: Dr. John Lee, Louelle Lledo, Art Eng, Mel Roberts, Ramon Santiago, Ronald Parente, Les Kiersnowski, Dr. Chris Viggiano, Robert Roskosz, and more! For more information on UFOMA, visit their website here.

Distance Learning Students Visit from Toronto, Canada

DLP representatives Jason Ward from Toronto, Canada and student, Steve Reichard from Allentown, PA, and Keith Boggess from West Chester, PA came to the Beng Hong Mo Gwun in December for a day of intensive private training. We focused on the wonders  of the amazing and deep Sam Chien form, applications, line drills and structure tests. Great job!


Sifu Simon T. Lailey Visits Beng Hong for Training

In October 2013, Sifu Simon T. Lailey, head of SanShanGong system and The MARSTA Chinese Temple on the Isle of Wight, UK, came to Mo Gwun to visit and train. Simon has trained in Ngo Cho Kun for almost 2 decades, personally with the late Alfonza Ang Hua Kun, Benito Tan, Willy Key and Alexander Co. He is a formal representative of the American Beng Hong Athletic Association, and teaches our curriculum in addition to his SanShanGong. We had a great time sharing with Simon the essence of the Qi Kun, Sam Chien, Li Sip Kun, Se Mun Pa Kak, Sam Chien Sip Li, and song Sui Kun forms.


Sifu Liu Chang-I Visits Philadelphia

An honor to be invited to Dim Sum at Ocean Garden in Philadelphia Chinatown by Sifu Liu Chang-I, the lineage head of the Liu family Feeding Crane (Shihequan) system, from Taiwan. Also were Sifu Simon T. Lailey (Isle of Wight, UK), Bryan Szchultz, and Carlos Aldrete-Phan.


Hong Kong Visit with Sifu Cheng Chi-Ping of Sung Mo Wing Chun

Sept 2013 – An honor to visit the great wing chun sifu and martial art documentarian, Sifu Cheng Chi Ping, at his Sung Mo Wing Chun Kwoon in Hong Kong. Wonderful time also training with his disciple Sifu Alfred Lee. 


Visit to Beng Kiam Athletic Club
(Bindono, Manila, Philippines)

September 13-28, 2013 Mark Wiley and Russ Smith of American Beng Hong Athletic Association visited Sifu Alex Co and the Beng Kiam Athletic Association in Binondo, Manila and Makati City, Philippines. We brushed up on our solo and two-man forms, took photos for a forthcoming English Translation of the old 1903 book “Chinese Soft-Art Complete” (aka Ngo Cho Bible), and made news friends. Here are some of our memories! Thank you to Master Alex Co. To see more photos in the gallery, CLICK HERE.



BH_Anniversary Cover(sm)

The American Beng Hong Athletic Association is the brother club of the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association, the oldest Kung-Fu club in the Philippines. Beng Hong holds an unbroken transmission line in the art from its founder, Sijo Chua Giok Beng, down five generations. The Souvenir Publication offer one more keyhole through which to view this rare art and to review how it continues to be spread around the world. Enjoy the information in the pages that follow and please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself to us. We welcome all to come and learn. The days of secrecy and race barriers are behind us. In the pages of this 40 page souvenir publication you will read history of this art, letters from other respected kung-fu masters to the Association, our heretofore secret Dit Da Jow formula, and teaching curriculum. Also includes reprints of published magazine articles by Mark V. Wiley and Alexander Lim Co.

Click Here to Purchase Your Copy: $11.95


Makati Club 1Makati Club 5Makati Club 4 

The Beng Kiam Athletic Association, the oldest kung-fu organizatiion and school in the Philippines, has only recently been acceping non-Chinese as student. And at that, you had to travel well into Binondo, Chinatown, to find the classes hidden within an unmarked building. Now, the Beng Kiam association has opened its doors to all who wish to lear, and have just opened a branch club in Makati. Headed by GM Alex Co and GM Benito Tan, the ngo cho Kung fu sessions shall be twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday, 6:00 to 8:00 pm,  at 174 Yakal st., Barangay San Antonio, Makati City. Call 4589215, 8464773, 09197083513 for details or email or


NGK DLP 1 Capture Collage

The American Beng Hong Athletic Association is proud to announce that it has now released a comprehensive Distance Learning Program (DLP). This is a curriculum and training method for students and practitioners who wish to learn or continue their study in a location where our branch clubs do not yet exist. This is a robust training system with guidance and direction directly from Beng Hong president, Dr. Mark V. Wiley. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS



We are excited that our new “American Beng Hong Association” sign board and weapon’s rack are finished. They were hand-made by Eric Hargrove and his Oriental Signboards company. Signboards are a unique business language and cultural symbols of the Chinese nation, is the melting of Chinese language, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional architecture and engraving in one, integrates ideological, and artistic works of art. For more information visit their website: Oriental Sign Boards


Modern Combat Masters Logo

On march 27, 2013 Dr. Mark had the honor of being the featured guest on the “Modern Combat Masters” blog radio show. “Join GM Darrell & Sifu Restita as they welcome Dr./Master Mark V. Wiley to the show. Dr. Mark Wiley is a Doctor of Oriental & Alternative Medicine, and is one of only 16 people issued a masters certificate from the late Grand Master Angel Cabales. He has taught seminars in the USA, Europe and Asia as well as having traveled and trained in the Philippines on no less than 15 separate occasions, not to mention his multiple trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and having lived in Japan.” To listen to the broadcast, CLICK HERE.


MAI spread 2013

I am pleased that “Martial Arts Illustrated” magazine asked me to contribute an article to their issue featuring some pieces on qi power, on newsstands March 07, 2013. “Kung Fu master Mark Wiley discusses the importance of Chi in his system of Kung Fu.” Ngo Cho Kun, to b eexact. Read the article in the Archives.


I am honored to be featured in “Masters Magazine” of martial arts, published by Empire Media. Editor-in-Chief Jose Fraguas interviewed me and promoted it in a 10 page story on my research, training and teaching in the Philippines and Filipino martial arts and Ngo Cho Kung-Fu. I discussed my training with the late legendary grandmasters: Angel Cabales, Antonio Ilustrisimo, Remy Presas, Herminio Binas, Benjamin Luna Lema, Florendo Visitacion and others. Read the article in the Archives.


I am honored to have be featured in the new reference book, The Martial Arts Directory, the North American Who’s Who in martial arts.,, Themartial and SIDEKICK Publications team up to bring you the best of the best for 2012. Learn the history and biographies of the masters and instructors that shape the world of martial arts in the United States and Canada today. Legends like Cynthia Rothrock, Eric Lee, Jason Lau, Dr. Mark Wiley and many others are all in this one large reference book. Great Masters past and present share their stories of success and training in the world of martial arts. Get your copy on Here.


It is an honor that our Grandmaster Alex Co is featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Masters Magazine. The story consists of rare photos – old and new – with stories of GM Co’s early days of training at The Beng Kiam Athletic Association in Binondo, Manila, Philippines in the 60s with the late Grandmaster Tan Ka Hong. Master Mark Wiley’s photo also appears in the story alongside Co Sifu. Read the article in the Archives.

Sifu Mark Wiley Taught Ngo Cho Seminar
at The MARSTA – Isle of Wight, UK

Wiley Isle Wight 2008_Page_1 Wiley Isle Wight 2008_Page_2

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