After almost a year of space conversion, set up and mourning the passing of Sigong Alex Co, Dr. Wiley has opened the Alex Co Memorial Gym, which houses the International Beng Hong Athletic Association and Integrated Eskrima International.
Currently, only a Disciple Class is open on Tuesday evenings for both arts. This means, no general class is available for less-than-dedicated practitioners. If you have a desire for full transmission of the arts, taught and trained with detail and patience, you are welcome to email Dr. Wiley for entry into this class. As time goes a regular class may also be added, but this is not yet the focus of the Training Hall. 

Beng Hong Mo Gwoon
Lansdale, PA (Philadelphia Area)
Become Part of the Tradition

Contact: Sifu Mark Wiley –

Forms Training

Beng Hong maintains nearly 50 forms, including empty hand, partner and weapon sets. Forms are divided into Chien or power/structure training forms; Duilian or two-person sets; Special sets known as Rotary/Scholar/Brocade; and solo and paired weapons forms.

Equipment Training

Beng Hong uses a wide range of ancient and modern equipment specifically to develop a firm root, body structure and intrinsic power. These include iron bars, chio so lock-shape weights, rebounders, Bosu, medicine ball, hand weights, push-up bars, heavy bags and striking shields, sand toss bags, wooden dummy, wall bags and palm bags.

Weapons Training

Beng Hong trains in many weapons including the long pole, peddler’s staff, teh pi (iron rulers), butterfly knives, broad sword, straight sword, tiger fork, Kwan dao, spear, tuifa and others. 

Applications Training

Beng Hong maintains that function must lead form and so application training is the ends sought from the training methods. Applications of blocking, striking, kicking, sweeping, and locking techniques are trained in drills, scenarios and gong sau (or testing hands).

Beng Hong Mo Gwoon
Lansdale, PA (Philadelphia Area)
Become Part of the Tradition

Contact: Sifu Mark Wiley –
Beng Hong Mo Gwoon: Lansdale, PA (Philadelphia Area)
Contact: Sifu Mark Wiley –

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  1. Mike Wheatland May 18, 2019 at 2:19 am #

    I would like to study your Kung Fu online. Please advise future availability. Mike.

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