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Chinese Gentle Art Complete
Yu Chiok Sam, Alexander Co (trans)
$29.95 USD

In Chinese Gentle Art Complete, Alex Co pours scholarship and more than 50 years’ experience in Ngo Cho into the first-ever illustrated publication, and English-language translation, of this historical book on Fukien Five Ancestor Boxing. Long held as the “Bible of Ngo Cho Kun,” this treatise on Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu has been a treasured keepsake among lineage holders of the style. Originally published in China 1917 by Yu Chiok Sam, one of the “Ngo Cho Ten Tigers,” or leading disciples of the art’s founder Chua Giok Beng, the book saw only a limited print run. It has been out of print for over 90 years! BUY HERE

The Way of Ngo Cho Kun 
Alex Co and Tan Ka Hong


This is the first authoritative book on the art of the Ngo Cho Kun (Five Ancestors Fist), depicting its early history, development, and its embodying principles and techniques like the basic fist set “Sam Chien” (Three Battles) the advanced form “In Tin Tat” (Entwining Kick), and a complete listing of all Ngo Cho Kun solo empty-hand forms. This book offers more than 200 photographs and illustrations and aims to bring the more than 150 years of Ngo Cho tradition within your reach. It is written in both English and Chinese, lending ample touch to its authenticity, and so as to reach a wider range of kung-fu aficionados. BUY HERE

Quanzhou Taizu Quan
Zhou Kun Min

Quanzhou Taizuquan is an important treatise on the martial arts of Fujian Province, China. Though it delves deep into the history and preserved cannon of Emperor Fist or “Grand Ancestor Boxing” (Taizuquan, Tai Cho Kun), the book is also a parallel look at Five Ancestor Fist (Ngo Cho Kun, Wuzuquan). Written by celebrated master and historian Zhou Kun Min, the book details the origins and development of Taizuquan and Wuzuquan through the centuries, often shedding new light on previously accepted dogma. BUY HERE

Kong Han Ngo cho book cover

Kong Han Ngo Cho
Henry Lo and Daniel Kun

This book begins with a historical presentation of the development of the various lines of Ngo Cho—each with a different focus on the representative systems of Tai Cho, Crane, Monkey, Monk, and Damo. The book then delves into the fundamental training that sets the basis for mastery of this style. Empty hand techniques, internal organ qigong exercises, solo forms, two man forms, training sets, fighting applications, weapon forms and applications, and full-contact lei–tai competition training are all presented in this comprehensive volume. BUY HERE

Principal Driven Skills (cover sm)Principle Driven Skills Development 
Russ L. Smith

Lays a groundwork of fundamental, strategic principles that constitute a universal set of truths for self-defense based martial arts. Principles focused on control, timing, and positioning are then enhanced by principles that assist the practitioner in utilizing their anatomical tools to stack the odds in their favor.  These advanced application methods are then supported by a series of structure and power-related principles, ensuring the practitioner has access to the engine(s) necessary to drive powerful and effective techniques from arts like Okinawan Karate and Chinese Five Ancestor Boxing, White Crane Boxing, Grand Ancestor Boxing, White Eyebrow Boxing and others. BUY HERE

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